Soujanya Poria

Researcher, Nanyang Technological University
Email: sporia @ ntu . edu . sg

Soujanya Poria completed his PhD in Computer Science from the University of Stirling, UK. The primary focus of his PhD research was to understand sentiment in multimodal data. He received his BEng in Computer Science from Jadavpur University, India, in 2013. In the same year, he received the best undergraduate thesis and researcher award from Jadavpur University and was awarded Gold Plated Silver medal from the University and Tata Consultancy Service for his final year project during his undergraduate course. Soujanya is now a senior research scientist at NTU Temasek Laboratories, where he is now conducting research on aspect-based sentiment analysis in multiple domains and different modalities. Soujanya has over 2400 citations on Google Scholar and h-index of 27. According to a recent article published in Information Processing Management, Soujanya is one of the 25 most productive authors in the field of Sentiment Analysis since 2000. In another recently published independent bibliographic survey, Soujanya was listed as fourth of "most prolific and impactful researchers" in sentiment analysis. Soujanya is the author of more than 60 scientific articles focusing primarily on Natural Language Processing and Artificial Intelligence. His paper on sentiment analysis received the Emerald Citations of Excellence award. Soujanya had invited papers at several conferences, and he was a keynote speaker at CICLing 2018, a major NLP conference, with a talk on multimodal sentiment analysis. Soujanya is the co-editor of a special issue in IEEE Computational Intelligence Magazine on Computational Intelligence for Affective Computing and Sentiment Analysis, and co-chair of a number of workshops at premier conferences (MR2AMC at ICMR, SENTIRE at ICDM, session chair at ELM), including a workshop on multimodal sentiment analysis and dialogue systems at ACL 2018.

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Research Interest:
  • Text Analytics, Natural Language Processing, Sentiment Analysis.
  • Deep Learning, Knowledge Base, Semantic Network, Artificial Intelligence.
  • Cognitive Science, Human Computer Interaction.
  • Google Scholar :- Citations - 2429, h-index - 27
  • Scopus :- Citations - 988, h-index - 18
  • Keynote Speaker, Multimodal Sentiment Analysis. CICLing 2018.
  • Best Student Paper Award, Fuzzy Clustering for Semi-Supervised Learning Case study: Construction of an Emotion Lexicon., MICAI 2012.
  • Stirling University - International Research Scholarship Award.
  • Fellow at Brain Science Foundation (USA)
  • Honorary Member at Computational Neuroscience Lab, Oxford Please visit the page here -
Projects (at Nanyang Technological University):

I have initiated and been leading two projects at Temasek Lab, Nanyang Technological University:

Recent Community Services (since 2014):
  • PC member, IJCAI 2017.
  • Associate Editor Cognitive Computation (CogComp), starting from February, 2017.
  • PC member, CICLing 2017.
  • PC member, FLAIRS 2017.
  • PC member, SENTIRE 2016.
  • PC member, FLAIRS 2016.
  • PC member, SENTIRE 2015.
  • PC member, SENTIRE 2014.
  • I occasionally serve as a reviewer in reputed journals like Knowledge Based Systems, IEEE Computational Intelligence Magazine, Artificial Intelligence Review, Neurocomputing, Neural Networks, Cognitive Computation, Transaction Of Affect Computing etc. and also in well known conferences - IJCAI, CICLing, AAAI, IJCNN.